About Posh Services

Time is the greatest luxury; do you have an event to plan? We have the solution.  In today's non-stop world, every second counts. Welcome to the world of Posh Services where our only focus is to provide you with exceptional service. We will deliver unexpected service, above and beyond what is essential or necessary. We do not believe in 'normal' or 'average' that is why when you choose Posh Services you are part of an elite group who believes you deserve the very best at the best price. The core of posh services is the desire to have the very best services in a one stop approach.

We can plan any aspect of your event - range from full planning to day of planning and everything in between.


Help You Plan The Event
Connect You With Ideal Venue
Help You Find The Best Vendors
Execute Any Aspect Of The Event

About the Founder

Michelle Francis – Founder & CEO of Posh Services Inc. I have had the privilege of working in some of the most glamorous industries and prestigious firms, from internationally known airlines to global financial companies. While I have been fortunate in all aspects of my life, in 2007 I lost my high profile job, lost a business that I had started in 2006 and brinks away from losing the home I owned since the age of 25.

My take away from this ordeal was “This cannot be it! I remember thinking this all the time, just consumed with “there has to be a different story that I am meant to be in. In 2012 I made the decision to do what I love; nothing has brought me more joy than following my passion for event planning. The best part about this discovery was the people who know me best always knew this would be my calling. My sister said “sis you were always planning an event or thinking about planning an event”.

As a connoisseur of everything lovely, elegant, timeless and budget friendly, you are in good hands for your next event.

A good event is all in the details. You can have the best food, incredible entertainment, and a gorgeous venue, but if your guests have to wait to check their coats, or can’t get a drink, that’s all they’ll remember. We never lose sight of the guest’s experience.

Our approach to event planning is simple; Joyous memories and flawless execution.

  • Set-up Meetings, Conferences & Trade Shows
  • Gift Buying, Wrapping, Delivery & Shipping
  • Confidential Services
  • Organize & Coordinate Events
  • Secure Accommodation & Transportation
  • Customer Deliveries
  • Pick-up/Drop-off Document
  • Translating Services
  • Company Event set up/clean up
  • Pick up & delivery for events
  • Corporate Event Planning and catering
  • Provide Chefs, Bartenders, DJs and much more!